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No other asset is as valuable as human capital. Being able to identify and select the best and the brightest employees is an increasingly important strategic advantage.
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Integrity Survey: The Stanton Survey. Integrity testing minimizes company risk and exposure to theft. Employee integrity testing addresses more subtle forms of theft such as wasting time, taking unauthorized time off, internet surfing and other dishonest behavior. Integrity testing is an important component of employment pre-screening.

Trying to reduce theft, sick days, and Workmen's Comp claims?

Zero in on the applicants
most likely to be
honest and reliable.

First developed in 1964, our Integrity Survey has helped reduce the theft of money, merchandise and company time, and has also proven to be effective in reducing Workmen´┐Żs Compensation claims. Integrity testing does not make any attempt to measure drug potential, workplace violence and other factors that dilute the effectiveness of the survey.

The Stanton Survey is a pre-employment and employee integrity testing assessment which meets ADA and Rights to Privacy guidelines. It has proven to be accurate, non-discriminatory and legal in all states (except Massachusetts).

The Stanton Survey Benefits
  • Reduces employee theft and turnover
  • Reduces company policy violations
  • Improves quality of workforce
  • Screens out applicants likely to engage in counter-productive behavior
The Stanton Survey Features
  • Appropriate for use in any position in all industries
  • Easy to administer, score and understand
  • Can be administered Online, Via Paper or by Automated Phone System
  • Takes less than 25 minutes to complete on paper and web, or less than 15 minutes on the phone
  • Automatically scored via web, fax or phone systems
  • Clients can access results instantly via the Stanton Client Management Center
  • Produces an easy-to-read one-page report
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • Monthly reporting available
  • Admission reports available too
The Stanton Survey Applications
This honesty and integrity testing survey can help you identify applicants who may
  • Steal merchandise or money
  • Misuse sick days
  • Break company policies
  • Give unauthorized discounts
  • Participate in other counter-productive work behaviors
  • Lack the desired level of integrity representative of your existing employees

Call us (760.603.8791 or 800.877.5685) or email us about getting a free sample assessment report.

Federal Maintenance is a commercial cleaning company based in Hawaii. By screening every janitor, clerical employee, and manager for honesty with the Stanton Survey, the company has improved attendance, reduced turnover, lowered supply costs (through reduced theft), and improved customer service.

"The Plotkin Group has helped us fulfill our vision of having a company where trust ranks high and employees deal fairly with each other, our customers, and our vendors," says President Bob Sage. "Our reputation in the community is high, and we use tools like the Stanton Survey to maintain that reputation."

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