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Studies show that 90 percent of all hiring decisions are based on job interviews, but that job interviews are only 14 percent accurate and hiring decisions are made in the first 4 minutes of the interviews. The fact is many employees are hired based solely on first impressions, often with lasting regrets. That's because an interview shows you only one side of a job applicant, rather like an iceberg where you only see the 10 percent that is above the surface. By providing objective, consistent, valid measures of aptitude and attitude, The Plotkin Group helps you see the "total person." We have conducted hundreds of studies on top and bottom performers and know what you should be looking for in any position, any industry.

What are the results of using employment assessments, pre-employment assessments, and employment pre-screening tools? For starters, they can reduce turnover, theft and "problem employees" by helping you identify the right person for the job and for your company culture. The costs of hiring the wrong person can be staggering, leading to lower productivity, lost sales, poor service, security threats and exposure to litigation. With turnover costs at almost 150 percent of an employee's annual salary, the bottom-line benefits can add up quickly.

For most companies, employees are your greatest assets. Focus on the right people in your organization and success will follow.

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