Stanton Survey Identify Risky Candidates

The Stanton Survey has been helping companies make more informed hiring decisions for over 50 years. The Stanton Survey platform contains three fully automated 24/7 systems: Web, Paper (faxed) & Phone. Hiring managers receive Stanton Survey results instantly via email or in their online account.

Integrity Surveys are designed to help companies identify which candidates are prone to counter-productive behaviors in the workplace. Integrity surveys have been around for over 50 years helping companies identify which applicants are more risky to hire. If you only use a criminal background search, you will identify those who have already been caught. What about the people who haven’t gotten caught? The ones who are a bit smarter, a bit faster, a bit more cautious in their behavior?


  • Reduces employee theft and turnover
  • Reduces company policy violations
  • Improves quality of workforce
  • Screens out applicants likely to engage in counter-productive behavior
  • Administer via three 24/7 fully automated platforms - Web, Paper, Phone
  • Completed by most applicants in 9 to 15 minutes
  • Contains a distortion scale
  • Customizable output available
  • Additional fact finding questions can be added




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