• 10.29.2020
  • Carlsbad, CA

Latest Resource : What is one of the most important Behavior Traits to look for when Hiring a Salesperson or Manager?

Hiring a salesperson or a manager that meets or exceeds your expectations is one of the more challenging and important hires that many of you face.  Employees don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.  And companies do not prosper when sales are lacking.  Anything that will increase your odds of making a more informed decision for these positions and any other position is worth consideration.  If Vegas had odds on this trait against success or failure, I could have retired years ago to my own island that doesn’t have Covid19.

For either of these positions, a good resume and years of experience are not going to guarantee a successful hire. There are thousands of candidates per day with both of these qualities that are bottom performers applying for the... FULL ARTICLE >

  • 09.30.2020
  • Carlsbad, CA

Latest Resource : A Well-Written Job Description and Job Posting Leads to Better Hiring!

When you drive your car to a new location, you use your phone or car navigation system to show you the way. You have a starting, middle and end point. The same route should occur with your selection process.

If you want to hire great employees, start with a professionally written job description which then leads to an accurate job posting that leads to qualified candidates applying which ends up with a hiring process that yields good to great hires.

Your odds are much better for a successful hire when you have more qualified candidates applying. You are going to have some challenges if your job posting does not attract quality candidates. If you use words that are not pertinent to the position in your job posting, you will end up attract... FULL ARTICLE >

  • 08.31.2020
  • Carlsbad, CA

Latest Resource : How is wearing a mask similar to an interview?

One similarity is that we inherently believe that most people are honest. When you are wearing a mask while speaking to a friend or even a stranger you may feel like there is no need to wear a mask, because you trust each other. Since Covid is transparent and can be asymptomatic, there is no telling when someone is contagious. It can be just as challenging to figure out which interview answers and resume information from the candidate are truthful and accurate. Their answers could be asymptomatic too.

Your job as the interviewer is to use selection methods and interview questions that ferret out the most reliable information to help you hire a candidate that can meet or exceed your expectations for the position. Susan Carnicero author of ‘Spy t... FULL ARTICLE >

  • 07.15.2020
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We are happy to report that hiring has picked up since our April newsletter titled ‘When Hiring Picks Back Up, Will You Be Ready?’ Were you ready?

At the end of April, the Unemployment rate was 14.7%, May 13.3% and June 11.1%. That is a 24.5% reduction in two months. With virus numbers going back up, this trend could stall.

Following are some common hiring mistakes or miscues that we hear from clients with a slant. Once you enter the Assessment world, one’s perspective changes. Welcome to our jungle.

“The candidate was very nice, and I liked him/her.”

That is great and it is important, but it is not the main reason you ... FULL ARTICLE >

  • 06.17.2020
  • Carlsbad CA

Latest Resource : Improve Employee Engagement – Starts with Hiring the Right Person for the Job


Based on a recent *Gallop Employee Engagement survey in early May, Gallup found that the percentage of "engaged" workers in the U.S. -- those who are highly involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace -- reached an all-time high of 38%,. This high number seems a little strange being that the pandemic started in the U.S. in March. Gallup attributed this high number to three areas during the pandemic: 1) The employer response is improving , 2) The employment base is smaller (30 million employees b... FULL ARTICLE >

  • 05.20.2020
  • Carlsbad, CA

Latest Resource : When Hiring Picks Back Up, Will You Be Ready?

Luck is involved in many activities, but without a plan you will not be as lucky.  If you do not play the lottery, you cannot be lucky enough to win. If your selection process is not well designed, your luck with hiring is not going to be as good as your competitors that are more prepared.  ‘Luck is the residue of design’.

Is your ad and/or job description targeting the right type of candidates?  Is your process helping you predict and qualify candidates who can meet and exceed your expectations?  Do your hiring managers and recruiters truly know how to identify and predict behaviors with candidates that drive success in the positions they are hiring for?  How are they making their selection decisions?  As we mentioned in our April ENews, in pe... FULL ARTICLE >

  • 04.16.2020
  • Carlsbad, CA

Latest Resource : Car to Car Interviews? - Hiring, Managing and Development during Covid-19

Car to Car Interviews? - Hiring, Managing and Development during Covid-19

It goes without saying that we are in unprecedented times.  We wish that you, your family, friends, associates and all your employees are doing well and staying healthy.  As far as our business and hours of operation, nothing has changed. 

Since Employee Assessments can be taken offsite, they are safe and effective for the candidate and the employer.  They will supplement face to face interviews, but they are not designed to replace them. 

Hiring, Managing and Developing staff during this time is going to be different.  For many of you managing employees who are working offsite is a new adventure.  (NEW - we have a report to help your employees be more productive while working at home)  Developing yo... FULL ARTICLE >

  • 02.11.2020




For some of you, other words that may come to mind are 'we love it', 'unbelievably accurate', 'puzzling' or 'mystifying'. Some words that come to our mind for Assessment results are: Powerful, Factual, Predictive, Insightful, Unbelievable, Looks Good, Risky, Caution and Hmmm. On occasion, a candidate leaves me with a ‘hmmm’.

Employee Assessments are much more about facts and data than abstract terms and words or adjectives. Behind the scenes you have a lot of statistical data. Part of the reason that results may appear enigmatic is that us humans are very complex. Employee Assessments are not measuring psychological tendencie... FULL ARTICLE >


“We knew that our employees would be the key to our success, and we knew what we had to do philosophically, we just weren’t sure how to get there. And that’s where we were fortunate enough to find Jim’s group to help us.

Plotkin helped us develop a tremendous culture of excellence in our organization. We had 3,500 employees, and we were able to reach every employee, top to bottom, and they all had a pride in the organization that we were able to instill in them with many of the programs that we worked with Plotkin on. As a result, all our business results were outstanding – profitability, awards and recognition, and brand building.”

Pete Davison, former SVP & COO for PGA Tour’s TPC Network.

“Turnover at our organization averages 65%, and 1/3 of our hires leave within their first 90 days. In 2014, after piloting the Stanton Survey for 9 months, we operationalized it across our company. The data we gathered during this period showed significantly lower turnover of new hires — approximately 17% at both the 6 and 9 month post-hire dates, respectively, within the pilot period. Improving our turnover rates was the reason we started using the Stanton Survey, but the byproduct is a better hire. The downstream effects of a good hiring decision are irrefutable and can last for years. Better people hire better people.”

VP of HR, Consumer Loan Finance Company; South Carolina

"The value of The Plotkin Group assessments has been twofold," explains Recruiter customer Dick Kopplin. "First, the testing process gives us increased credibility with our clients, and the assurance that we are evaluating candidates not only through our own process, but by using impartial experts. In addition, the testing often indicates that we should do some additional checking on candidates who have not tested well in certain areas. We would highly recommend the services provided by The Plotkin Group."

#1 Recruiter in his Industry

"The Stanton Survey helped us reduce workers comp by 75%!”

HR Manager, Printing Company  

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