The Plotkin Group has over 40 years of experience with employee assessments. We are not reinventing the wheel or just beginning to learn the best ways to use assessments. We're a team of experienced professionals who understand how to use assessments—properly—to help you select the right employees. People who can be trusted. People who can think on their feet. People who belong on your team.

We have a large variety of different assessments for any position in any industry. We will recommend the assessments that will be best for your specific situation, addressing different roles and positions, different industries, and your individual needs.

The cost of different assessments varies depending on the instrument, the format it is administered in, and the quantity purchased. Because of this, the cost can range from less than $10 each to over $100 each. Of course, the most important consideration is return on investment. According to one report, the average cost of employee turnover is 150 percent of an employee's salary. In other words, assessments are a great investment.

That's what we're here for. We put our years of experience to work for you to help you choose the assessments that will give you the information you need. In over 40 years we have administered over 2 million assessments in hundreds of different industries. Our seasoned consultants are here to understand your company goals and challenges and recommend the best assessment for your company.

We offer training and support to all of our clients.  Call us (760.603.8791 or 800.877.5685) to discuss your training needs and make arrangements or email us and we will contact you.

They can be administered online via the internet, or on paper.  Depending on your set-up, you can receive instant results when the assessment is administered online. Most of our assessments and surveys can be taken on a smartphone or tablet.

Background checks identify those who have made a mistake and been caught, but not those who have gotten away with being dishonest.

Integrity surveys reveal those who are high risk for counterproductive and potentially dishonest behaviors in the workplace, as well as those at risk for absenteeism and other issues not disclosed by a background check.

We recommend doing both a background check and an integrity survey to reduce your risk when appropriate.

The assessment modules include indexes that are customized to fit your requirements. Each competency and requirement can be reflected in the assessments; based on what we measure, you can be sure you’re hiring the closest possible fit for your needs.

Both. We’ll help you determine which assessments are best for your specific needs.

We offer ongoing training as part of our service to our clients. To get the best results, we recommend training for those who will be administering and interpreting the assessments.

Every behavior you see in your candidate can be a predictor of future behavior. If they aren’t willing to do what you ask of them now, why will that change after you’ve hired them?  This is a win-win for both you the employer and the candidate.  Candidates are happier when they are in the right job and company.

No Problem, Our experienced staff is here to help.

Please contact us below with questions regarding finding the right solution for your company.