December 16, 2020

A Year For The History Books – 2020 Is A Year That Will Not Be Forgotten

A Year for the History Books – For Good or Bad, 2020 will be a Year to Remember

Aside from having one of the most challenging and strange years faced by most of us, attracting quality candidates, hiring the right person for the right job along with managing and developing employees are still one of the biggest challenges of running a successful department, location, business or organization. 

These areas are relative.  Some of you are constantly looking for an edge and to improve, some of you are happy with your current status and may be blind to your weak spots while others do not place any of these areas as important enough to consider seeking improvements.  We are in business to help those of you who are looking to improve or open to it for any of these areas mentioned.

Following is a short review of our Newsletters for 2020. 

 One of our favorites for this year was 'Some Unusual and Common Hiring Mistakes'.  It contains a few gems. 

 The most unique was 'Car to Car Interviews? - Hiring, Managing and Development During Covid-19'.  Did any of you interview someone via car to car or window to window on a cell phone? 

 As far as topics that are not typically discussed in the angle that we hit on – We wrote about how Job Descriptions impact the quality of your applicant pool, therefore impacting the quality of your hires, and how hiring decisions impact Employee Engagement, which is typically looked at from other angles.

For those of you looking to hire or promote the best candidate to salesperson or manager, we reveal one of the most critical behaviors required to be successful in these two positions.  It is no surprise to many of you, but if hiring for these positions was so easy then why do so many companies hire or promote the wrong candidate for these two positions?  One reason is because the interviewers or hiring managers are unable to properly gauge the applicant's assertive score compared to other candidates as well as an assessment does.

Speaking of properly gauging an applicant during an interview, our newsletter titled 'How is Wearing a Mask Similar to an Interview?' touches on the reality that your candidates lie, embellish or exaggerate during the interview. 

 Hiring has been picking up and will continue to improve as we exit the pandemic. ‘When Hiring Picks Back Up, Will You Be Ready?’

‘Assessments are Not Enigmatic’ – The mystery of assessments will continue to exist for people who do not understand them.  Employee Assessments are much more about facts and data than abstract terms and words, adjectives or interviewer biases.

 We wish you a Happy Holiday, New Year and a very successful year of Hiring or Promoting the Right Candidate for the Job!