October 13, 2022

Are you looking for a Hunter, Farmer or a Hybrid Salesperson

It is important to understand what type of salesperson you are looking for and need.  Hiring for sales positions is one of the most challenging and important positions that many of you hire for. 
“The “hunter” sales rep drives revenue by generating new leads and converting them. The “farmer,” on the other hand, generates revenue by nurturing and growing existing accounts. They cultivate what's already there. The hunter vs farmer sales framework allows sales reps to specialize in their strengths.”*  The “hybrid” salesperson is a blend of both.
At Plotkin Group we have discovered some interesting data with our sales assessment studies for all three of these roles.  We uncovered what personality trait scores, and combinations are important and relevant in predicting what type of person will perform best in all three of these positions. 

In addition to what we measure, Business News Daily sited 14 Important Traits Successful Salespeople share.  Some of what we measure on our sales assessment can predict whether a candidate has the ability to possess these traits. Here are some of the 14 traits:
They care about the customer’s interests
They’re confident and resilient
They’re extroverted and good listeners (this is not always the case with extroverts, some are bad at listening)
They’re persistent, honest, multi-taskers and focused
They’re optimistic and upbeat

 When it comes to hiring salespeople, you do not want to miss the mark.  Your company’s future depends on sales to stay in business, to make profits and to keep and/or grow your existing workforce.   This data also works well for identifying different types of managers to hire for.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss this very important topic in more detail. 
*Yesware blog March 2022