April 16, 2020

Car to Car Interviews? - Hiring, Managing and Development during Covid-19

Car to Car Interviews? - Hiring, Managing and Development during Covid-19

It goes without saying that we are in unprecedented times.  We wish that you, your family, friends, associates and all your employees are doing well and staying healthy.  As far as our business and hours of operation, nothing has changed. 

Since Employee Assessments can be taken offsite, they are safe and effective for the candidate and the employer.  They will supplement face to face interviews, but they are not designed to replace them. 

Hiring, Managing and Developing staff during this time is going to be different.  For many of you managing employees who are working offsite is a new adventure.  (NEW - we have a report to help your employees be more productive while working at home)  Developing your staff is still an everyday occurrence, but possibly in a different manner.  Your personality, approach, style and strategy may work better in person than it does when an employee is working from home.  You can use assessment results to help you with all three of these areas. 

With hiring, you may need to alter your selection process to accommodate these times.  This could involve more phone interviews, moving an Employee Assessment to an earlier place in the selection process or other changes.  Video conferencing platforms have been used for several years.  Out of the box options may work as well.  Car to car interviews parked next to each other or facing each other while talking on your cellphone in your own car.  If possible, meeting at your office or elsewhere in two areas that are separated by a glass wall or window that is safe for both parties. 

Be creative, do what is needed to maintain a predictive process and do not worry about how unusual your method may be, so long as it works and both parties feel safe during Covid-19.  If you want to discuss any of these topics with us, the quickest way to contact us during this period is via email info@plotkingroup.com.  Stay safe and stay healthy!