January 21, 2021

Employee Assessments are a win for the Company, Candidate, Employee and Manager

Using Employee Assessments for selection, for managing employees and for development is a win-win for the company, managers, candidates and the employees.   We would like to start your year off with some important topics that are not discussed enough.  One,  the benefits for the applicant or employee of being assessed and hired for a position that is a good fit.  Two, helping managers become better managers by using assessment results with their direct reports.

Applicants may not think that we are on their side, we are.  One of our main jobs is helping our clients hire the right person for the job.  What does this mean?  For our job fit assessments, it means the candidates’ scores fit most of the ranges and measures deemed to be successful in the job.  When the new employee possesses these qualities they have a much better chance of being successful and happy in their position, and the company benefits as well.   Realistically speaking, there are many good fitting jobs for all candidates.  Certain types of jobs require similar measures and parameters to be successful in those jobs.

As many of you know, one reason employees quit is because they have problems with their manager.  The manager has a better chance of being a good manager if they can understand human behaviors and their employees better.  Our assessments are great tools for selection, but many of them are also great educational tools and aids for your managers.  When your manager uses the assessment information obtained on the new employee, they greatly increase their odds of doing a good job of onboarding, training, managing, coaching and development of that employee.  The employee will have a better relationship with their manager and is less likely to quit your company for this reason alone.

If you want to discuss any of these topics on a call or other topics, please email us.  Good luck to all of you in 2021!