February 11, 2020




For some of you, other words that may come to mind are 'we love it', 'unbelievably accurate', 'puzzling' or 'mystifying'. Some words that come to our mind for Assessment results are: Powerful, Factual, Predictive, Insightful, Unbelievable, Looks Good, Risky, Caution and Hmmm. On occasion, a candidate leaves me with a ‘hmmm’.

Employee Assessments are much more about facts and data than abstract terms and words or adjectives. Behind the scenes you have a lot of statistical data. Part of the reason that results may appear enigmatic is that us humans are very complex. Employee Assessments are not measuring psychological tendencies or behaviors nor are they trying to discern if someone has ADHD, dyslexia or other disorders. They are helping you predict future behaviors if hired at your company and whether the candidate can meet your expectations in the position at hand. (NOTE – key word ‘your expectations’. Not their prior boss(es)’ or companies’ expectations, your expectations)

As some of you may know, I am more of an analytical type person. I view employee assessments in the big picture. They will help you improve your odds of making a more informed selection decision or management decision over time. The benefits are many for you: better sleep, less stress, more profits, more enjoyment at work, more wins and more happy employees which equal happy customers.

The results will not be perfect every time. A big part of the reason for this is a human is answering the questions. We are relying on the candidate being ‘realistic’. A small percentage of candidates are not realistic on the assessment, which is also predicting future behavior if hired.

If you would like to discuss any of this in more detail, please contact us @ 800-877-5685 or support@plotkingroup.com. We look forward to helping you make more informed people decisions in 2020!