August 29, 2018


There are numerous books, courses, articles and daily tips on how to be a better manager or salesperson.  As evidenced with all of these theories and strategies, many of them will help yield success.  No one size fits all, although some are better than others.  One piece of that puzzle that is rarely discussed is how to better understand your prospect, client or employee.

Employee Assessments that measure impactful traits are of great value for either position.  In addition to using them for selection, they can make a large impact on helping the individual better understand their prospects, customers, direct reports and others.  This information is more widely used by Managers than Salespeople, but both can benefit.  Over the years, I have become a much bigger advocate to have the Manager review the reports on their new employee.  They will get off to a much quicker and productive start on day one.

First, understand yourself based upon the assessment and measures that you are using.  Then learn how to communicate with all types of people while also learning how to identify them based on the traits measured.    This helps take the guesswork out of understanding others. 

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 Assessment Tips & Benefits

*Assessments are a piece of the selection puzzle.  In some cases, scores will carry more weight than other selection methods to help you predict a successful outcome.   

*Assessments can be your insurance plan, your ‘caution’ flag or confirmation that the candidate is a good match. 

*Assessments help your company make more informed people decisions. 

*Combine prior experience with similar job duties or knowledge required with a Cognitive Assessment score.  For candidates without prior experience or knowledge, cognitive assessment scores become super important and helpful.  

*A rake is not designed to dig holes and a shovel is not designed to rake leaves.  Understand what the assessment is capable of doing and not doing.  This is very important!