August 31, 2020

How is wearing a mask similar to an interview?

One similarity is that we inherently believe that most people are honest. When you are wearing a mask while speaking to a friend or even a stranger you may feel like there is no need to wear a mask, because you trust each other. Since Covid is transparent and can be asymptomatic, there is no telling when someone is contagious. It can be just as challenging to figure out which interview answers and resume information from the candidate are truthful and accurate. Their answers could be asymptomatic too.

Your job as the interviewer is to use selection methods and interview questions that ferret out the most reliable information to help you hire a candidate that can meet or exceed your expectations for the position. Susan Carnicero author of ‘Spy the Lie’ and founding partner of Qverity has over 20 years of experience with the CIA. In one of her YouTube recordings during a workshop, she states that the average person lies 10 times per day. Some of these lies may be little innocent lies, but they are not the truth.

How many times per interview does the average candidate exaggerate or lie? Some of their lies or unrealistic responses are inconsequential while others are very misleading. You can design better interview questions to overcome this. This is an important reason to use appropriate Prehire Employee Assessments in the selection process. Unlike an interview, it is difficult for a candidate to answer assessment questions in a way that yields results that they think the hiring manager is looking for. Plus, the suggested interview questions that are generated will help you conduct a much more focused interview making it more difficult for the candidate to exaggerate or lie when using those questions. The assessment results provide invaluable selection information, raise caution flags or can help confirm that your thoughts so far are correct.

If you can become highly trained like an FBI or CIA agent at interviewing that would be helpful, but not easy to accomplish. Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent, wrote a book titled ‘The Dictionary of Body Language’ that may help you with interviewing. Bear in mind, Joe mentioned on a video that you need to be in person to pick up on the persons’ body language. During our pandemic many companies are conducting Covid video conference interviews, which makes it more challenging to read body language.

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