June 22, 2023

Relative is a powerful word in the Hiring Process

If you say that something is relative, you mean that it needs to be considered and judged in relation to other things. (Collins Dictionary) 

When you compare two runners that race in the 100-meter dash or mile, it is easy to compare their past performances on a relative basis.  When you hire someone, relative is a very important word to remember and use when possible.  This is one of the many challenges with hiring. 

When you use a candidates’ resume and ask follow up questions on past jobs, what measures are you using to make it relative to your company, the position, your expectations and the immediate supervisors’ desires and style?  One company may need someone to type 75 wpm, while your company only needs 50.  This is easy to measure, but measuring submissive/assertive, structured/not structured, enjoys helping/does not enjoy helping and other behavior traits that are important to the success of your hire are not easy to measure without using a Normative Assessment during the selection process.   

One of the many benefits when using PreHire Assessments is they allow you to compare candidates on a relative basis.  It is even more powerful when the report provides you with suggested interview questions to probe further on a relative basis.  Your hiring decisions will improve when you can obtain predictive, relative information.  It’s not as easy to have relative information from candidate to candidate with resumes, interviews and other selection methods, but assessments will provide you with relative information.

Every day in your life, you are using a product, service or some method to increase your odds of success for that task or endeavor.  Brushing your teeth, using a pick, using a battery-operated toothbrush, flossing are several different methods to increase your odds of having good teeth and avoiding future teeth problems.  The same goes for the hiring process – use several methods to increase your odds of making the best hiring decision possible.

Hiring the ‘right person’ for the job requires asking questions and investigating on a relative basis.  Please contact us to discuss how to hire successfully by being more relative!