March 15, 2018

What will the next 50 Years look like with the Selection Process?

We are very proud to be celebrating 50 years in business in March.  The percentage of businesses that make it through their first two years in business is low, let alone making it to the second generation of a family business and 50 years. 

As we embark on our 51st year in business, we want to thank all of you that helped us achieve this monumental occasion in our business.  We thank all of our customers, vendors, advisors, employees and others who have worked with us for over the years.  Without all of you, I would not be writing this. *“From a purely practical standpoint, the value of a personnel selection procedure is best reflected by its operational validity.”  “The operational validity of a selection procedure is particularly important because it has a direct, linear relationship with the economic value of the selection.”

We increase your odds of making more informed candidate and employee decisions.  Is what we do a perfect science?  Of course not, we’re in the people business.  People are one of the most complex species on the planet, if not the most complex. When it comes to hiring the right candidate, people become even more challenging to predict.  In many industries your employees are the most challenging part of your business.  Fixing a copier, buying a new software program or even renting office space are much simpler than hiring great employees who stay! The entire selection process is a puzzle.  The goal is to have relevant and predictable selection methods that help you decipher which candidate is the best to hire or promote.  Sometimes the answer should be, start over.   Our information helps hiring managers, our information helps managers do a better job of managing their staff, our information helps managers develop and retain staff and ultimately our information helps your company ‘*Build a Winning Team’! (*Harris Plotkin, founder of Plotkin Group, wrote a book named ‘Building a Winning Team’)

A few anecdotes and analogies that we’d like to pass on for you to contemplate: “Attracting quality candidates is very important."  You can only hire the best candidate that applies! “Would you marry your spouse after a 30 minute date expecting to know much about them?”  A short interview is a hope and a risk too. “Employees quit bosses."  Invest in the hiring and training of your managers.  This takes time. “Assessments do not predict maturity levels, social skills, diagnostic behaviors, depression, substance problems. etc…” “A rake does not dig a hole and a shovel does not rake leaves.”  Understanding how to review and use assessment results is imperative. “If you save money early, it grows faster."  If you invest in your selection process and employees, you will reap many rewards.  


Thank you from Plotkin Group!


*The Validity and Utility of Selection Procedures in Personnel Psychology: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 100 Years of Research Findings, Schmidt et al Plotkin Group 2018 copyright