Employee Assessments are a win for the Company, Candidate, Employee and Manager

Using Employee Assessments for selection, for managing employees and for development is a win-win for the company, managers, candidates and the employees. We would like to start your year off with some important topics that are not discussed enough. One, the benefits for the applicant or employee of being assessed and hired for a position that is a good fit. Two, helping managers become better managers by using assessment results with their direct reports

A Year For The History Books – 2020 Is A Year That Will Not Be Forgotten

Aside from having one of the most challenging and strange years faced by most of us, attracting quality candidates, hiring the right person for the right job along with managing and developing employees are still one of the biggest challenges of running a successful department, location, business or organization.

What is one of the most important Behavior Traits to look for when Hiring a Salesperson or Manager?

Hiring a salesperson or a manager that meets or exceeds your expectations is one of the more challenging and important hires that many of you face.

A Well-Written Job Description and Job Posting Leads to Better Hiring!

When you drive your car to a new location, you use your phone or car navigation system to show you the way. You have a starting, middle and end point. The same route should occur with your selection process.

How is wearing a mask similar to an interview?

One similarity is that we inherently believe that most people are honest. When you are wearing a mask while speaking to a friend or even a stranger you may feel like there is no need to wear a mask, because you trust each other.

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