Will More Candidates Start Applying for Job Openings?

Governors in 26 states have already eliminated the federal $300 unemployment benefit.

How Do Your Employees Make the Right Decisions?

Recently I read an article in Barron’s (May 31, 2021) titled ‘Adding Discipline to Decisions’, an interview with Daniel Kahneman who also wrote a book called ‘Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment’. Kahneman, who won a Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002, changed our understanding of how people think about money and make financial decisions.

Why is it Important to be Patient When Hiring in 2021?

In short, haste makes waste. Companies are facing hiring hurdles in 2021.

What If

Kane Brown wrote a song called What Ifs? Take a break and listen to his song here.

Employee Assessments are a win for the Company, Candidate, Employee and Manager

Using Employee Assessments for selection, for managing employees and for development is a win-win for the company, managers, candidates and the employees. We would like to start your year off with some important topics that are not discussed enough. One, the benefits for the applicant or employee of being assessed and hired for a position that is a good fit. Two, helping managers become better managers by using assessment results with their direct reports

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