When Hiring Picks Back Up, Will You Be Ready?

Luck is involved in many activities, but without a plan you will not be as lucky. If you do not play the lottery, you cannot be lucky enough to win. If your selection process is not well designed, your luck with hiring is not going to be as good as your competitors that are more prepared.

Car to Car Interviews? - Hiring, Managing and Development during Covid-19

It goes without saying that we are in unprecedented times. We wish that you, your family, friends, associates and all your employees are doing well and staying healthy. As far as our business and hours of operation, nothing has changed.


For some of you, other words that may come to mind are 'we love it', 'unbelievably accurate', 'puzzling' or 'mystifying'. Some words that come to our mind for Assessment results are: Powerful, Factual, Predictive, Insightful, Unbelievable, Looks Good, Risky, Caution and Hmmm. On occasion, a candidate leaves me with a ‘hmmm’.

The Jeopardy Champion and the Importance of Cognitive Abilities for Hiring

The Jeopardy Champion and the Importance of Cognitive Abilities for Hiring   James Holzhauer’s cognitive abilities appear to be near the 100 th percentile out of all US citizens.  He’s crushing his

How to Expand Your Applicant Pool

We continue to hear from companies and the media that finding qualified candidates is challenging. My first question is, what does it take for the candidate to be considered qualified and why. Qualified is a relative term meaning different things to each company.

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