Four Common Interviewing Misjudgments

The following scenarios are based upon reading candidate assessment results, then speaking with clients.

Relative is a powerful word in the Hiring Process

If you say that something is relative, you mean that it needs to be considered and judged in relation to other things. (Collins Dictionary)

Good Luck Hiring!

We all need some luck or lots of luck when it comes to hiring a new employee. Hiring is Challenging. Not only are people complex to figure out, but predicting future job fit behavior with limited information is not easy.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! - from Plotkin Group

We Thank You for your business in 2022! And we look forward to helping you make more informed people decisions in 2023 as well.

Are you looking for a Hunter, Farmer or a Hybrid Salesperson

It is important to understand what type of salesperson you are looking for and need. Hiring for sales positions is one of the most challenging and important positions that many of you hire for.

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