Overview: Screening & Selection Tools for Smarter Hiring Decisions

How much information do you weigh in your hiring decisions? A resume? An interview? A background check? 

These are all important factors, but seeing the “total person” — their abilities, attitudes and interests — requires a fuller assessment. 

By measuring the key attributes required for a given job, assessments help you hire and retain better employees: People who can be trusted. People who can think on their feet. People who belong on your team.  

Taking this simple step often makes all the difference between hiring a “problem employee” or a selecting a star performer.

Choosing the right assessments

Today’s best assessments are convenient, affordable and proven to help reduce turnover and improve job performance. Since different types of assessments are designed to measure different traits, it’s important to work with professionals who know which tools to use, and how to use them properly.  

That’s our specialty.

Plotkin Group helps you implement an assessment program that’s right for you — whether you’re hiring hourly workers, selecting team managers or staffing up your sales force. By delivering objective, consistent, valid measures of aptitude and attitude, we help you make more informed decisions.   

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