Stanton Survey: A Trusted & Proven Integrity Screening Tool

The Stanton Survey is a tried-and-true screening tool that helps organizations identify which candidates are more prone to counter-productive workplace behaviors such as employee theft and absenteeism. 

This simple, straightforward survey can be completed quickly and easily (online, on paper or by phone) in less than 15 minutes. Hiring managers can receive the results instantly by email or online. Stanton Survey 11.0 is also fully integrated* with a leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to provide a one-stop screening solution for your entire hiring team.    

By flagging high-risk applicants, this tool allows you to focus on other candidates, streamline your hiring process and reduce costly, unacceptable workplace conduct.

Unlike background searches, which can only discover certain known offenses, the Stanton Survey helps predict the likelihood of future misconduct.

For over 50 years, companies have relied on the Stanton Survey to help make better informed hiring decisions. Contact us today to learn how it can help you avoid costly hiring mistakes.


  • Now fully integrated with the iCIMS Applicant Tracking System
  • Reduces employee theft and turnover
  • Reduces company policy violations
  • Improves quality of workforce
  • Screens out applicants likely to engage in counter-productive behavior
  • Administered via three 24/7 fully automated platforms – web (desktop or mobile), paper or phone* (*telephone surveys by request only)
  • Completed by most applicants in 9 to 15 minutes
  • Contains a distortion scale
  • Customizable output available
  • Additional fact-finding questions can be added

* Stanton Survey can be integrated easily with most applicant tracking systems.

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