Aptitude Assessments: Finding the Best "Fit" for the Job

Our Aptitude Assessment is a highly predictive, best-in-class tool that helps you evaluate candidates accurately and efficiently, and select the right person for the position.    

By measuring thinking styles, personality characteristics and occupational interests, this assessment helps you see "the total person" and weigh their talents against the needs of the role. It includes a selection report comparing an individual's score against the benchmark.

Matching up the right person with the right job is a win for everyone — you, your employees and your customers. And our Aptitude Assessment is the smartest way to achieve a good job fit.

Use this powerful tool to hire, promote, coach and train your employees with greater success.


  • Hiring the right person for the right job
  • Fitting applicants to job requirements and organizational culture
  • Upgrading the quality of your workforce
  • Reducing turnover costs
  • Training and coaching suggestions
  • Interview questions
  • Customized to fit your culture and job requirements
  • Compares applicants against all job profile benchmarks in your organization to identify the right person for the right job

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