Sales Assessment: Measuring the Key Traits for Sales Success

Hiring the right sales representatives is one of the most critical and difficult challenges in business. Few other positions have more impact on your bottom line.

Salespeople usually sell themselves quite well during a job interview, but that doesn’t tell you much about their other soft skills. Can they come up to speed quickly on your particular products or services? Will they work tenaciously to prospect, cultivate leads and close sales? Are they a good fit for your organization?

Our Sales Assessment helps you answer these questions. Based on studies of top and bottom performers in various types of sales roles (e.g., inside or outside sales, simple or complex offerings), it measures the key traits found in most successful salespeople.

Use this tool as part of a consistent, repeatable hiring process to identify candidates with the potential to be high achievers, and build a stronger salesforce.


  • Aids in the selection of top salespeople
  • Helps improve retention of salespeople
  • Fosters higher sales production per salesperson

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