360° Survey: Give Feedback That Helps Managers Succeed

More than a “performance review,” this assessment gives your employees the constructive, multi-level feedback they need to develop their skills and become more successful.

The 360° Survey is a full-circle overview of a person's job performance. It provides an employee with feedback from co-workers (supervisors, peers, and subordinates), enabling them to compare their own self-image with the way others see them. This process reinforces areas where they are doing well and highlights areas that need improvement.

This is one of the best tools available to help supervisors, managers, executives and owners develop the necessary skills to achieve their fullest potential.


  • Participants receive insights into how their work is viewed by others
  • Provides an overall perspective about a person's skills, enabling them to create an effective development plan and help each individual maximize their contribution
  • Peers and subordinates have an opportunity to share concerns for constructive changes in the work environment, and confirm positive behaviors
  • Team members can identify and prioritize team development needs
  • Organization can develop appropriate skills to consistently reflect company values and objectives
  • Process is an excellent method for establishing specific training needs

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