Aptitude Assessment: Maximize Employee Potential

Who should you promote into that critical manager’s position? How should you train or coach them to ensure they succeed? 

Start by understanding each candidate’s abilities and interests.

By accurately evaluating thinking styles, personality characteristics and occupational interests, the Aptitude Assessment helps you see the “total person,” choose the best candidate for the position, and help them fulfill their potential. 

This state-of-the-art instrument includes selection, coaching and succession reports comparing an individual's score against the benchmark. The assessment is easy to administer, use and understand. It can also be customized for your culture and job requirements.

Use the Aptitude Assessment across every stage of employment — selection, placement, promotion, career and succession planning — to develop a stronger workforce.


The Aptitude Assessment helps you:

  • Coach, train, and promote with greater success
  • Identify the best qualified person for promotion into management
  • Help existing employees overcome weaknesses
  • Upgrade the quality of your workforce
  • Reduce turnover costs
  • Improve succession planning


  • It's easy to administer, score and understand
  • Provides training and coaching suggestions
  • Customized to fit your culture and job requirements


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