Employee Engagement Survey: Use Feedback to Spot Problems

What do your employees really think about their jobs? There’s a lot you can learn from a good, hard reality check.

Best-in-class organizations make it a habit to survey their employees at least once a year. By asking for employee feedback and benchmarking overall satisfaction, these employers are able to identify problem areas and uncover opportunities for improvement.

This survey provides actionable data that can be used to make needed changes — improving productivity, performance, morale, communications and service. It also signals to employees that their opinions are valued.

The WAVES™ Survey (Workforce Attitude and Voicing Employee Satisfaction) measures eight key areas of your company:

  • Company Benefits
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Workforce Morale
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Customer Service
  • Policies & Ethics
  • Company

In addition to providing numerical data, it includes three (3) open ended questions.

With feedback from your workforce, you can better:

  • Identify and resolve small "ripples in the waters" before they become tsunamis
  • Detect training deficiencies and develop better programs to sharpen skills
  • Discover antiquated processes or procedures and get the gears moving in the right direction
  • Uncover glitches in both internal and external communication and fix them for clearer understanding within your organization AND for your customers
  • Find out what’s working and what is not working
  • Get to the root of the dissatisfaction 

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