Customer Service Assessment: Make Your Front-Line People Shine

Think of your favorite cashier at the grocery store, or the waitress whose table you always choose. What makes them so good at their jobs?

Delivering “service with a smile” is easy for people who are genuinely concerned about each customer, and focused on providing a quality experience.

The Customer Service assessment measures the key traits found in the best front-line employees. It helps you hire and develop people with the skills to make your customers feel understood, appreciated, and confident about giving you their business.

Use it for every customer-facing position in your company to build a workforce — and a reputation — for service excellence.


  • Identifies candidates who are well suited for service-oriented jobs
  • Helps increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer referrals and sales
  • Helps improve employee retention and reduce turnover
  • Helps enhance your reputation, productivity and profitability

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