Sales Assessment: Emulate the Winning Traits of Top Performers

One of the most effective ways to build a stronger salesforce is by modeling the best salespeople in similar roles. Examine their key traits and look for the same attributes when you’re hiring, promoting or developing your sales employees.

The Sales Assessment tool builds on a wealth of benchmark data from top and bottom performers in a wide range of industries, positions and product portfolios (e.g., simple product sales vs. complex solution sales). With the benchmarks tailored to your situation, this assessment measures how well a candidate or employee matches the “model” attributes. In addition to comparing against benchmark data from other companies, you can develop benchmarks from within your own organization.

Use this tool to select and develop a team with the kind of drive, relationship-building skills and other important qualities that help produce higher sales.


  • Aids in the selection of top salespeople
  • Higher retention of salespeople
  • More sales per salesperson
  • Increased sales and profits
  • Fewer poor performers

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